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What is a Guided Pop-up?

An Guided popup is used to provide:

    a) Tour of the product to the new users
    b) New feature product tour for releases in the product for the existing users
The popup has a 'Guide Me' button, clicking on which will trigger the Product or Functionality Tour flow for the user.
The user also has the option to click on 'Skip' button which will close the popup without triggering the tour. 

Fig 1: Default look of an Onboarding Popup

The look and feel of the onboarding can be customized through Themes. Refer to this article to know more about Themes support

Feature Configurations

By default, the popup appears every time the user logs in. But, it can also be configured to appear:

  • only the first time user logs in into the application
  • for a certain segment of users
  • only when the user goes to a certain section of the application

One can also show an image or a video in the Onboarding popup by simply adding it to the Flow description, as shown in Fig 2.

Fig 2: Onboarding popup with a Video

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