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Smart static tips are useful for long forms, where instant help can be given on particular fields.  The tooltip adds contextual information to the element whenever the user hovers upon it. 


Creation is similar to a normal flow. All steps of this flow should be on a single page.

In order to display smart tips, add the below line in the integration script: 

window._wfx_smart_tips = "<<flow_id>>";window._wfx_start_smart_tips();

Replace <<flow_id>> with the actual flow id.

In order to stop the smart tips, use the below function:


1) Appearance of close icon : By default, smart tips don't have a close icon.  In order to enable the close icon use 

window._wfx_settings.static_close = true;

2) Timeout before appearance of tip: In order to set a configurable timeout before the tip appears on hover/focus, use

window._wfx_settings.static_show_time = <<time in milliseconds>>;

Default timeout is 500ms.

3) Timeout for disappearance of tip after hover/focus removed : In order to set a configurable timeout for tip to disappear after hover/focus lost, use

window._wfx_settings.static_close_time = <<time in milliseconds>>; 

Default timeout is 500ms.


While creating a flow for Smart tips, all steps should be on the same page. If smart tips is to be used for multiple pages; separate flows need to be created for each individual page.

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