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The first person to create an account in an enterprise automatically becomes the admin also called the Account Manager. Anyone signing up after the Account Manager automatically becomes the Editor who can create Whatfix workflows. You can visit the Users section in the side bar to view all the users registered in an account.

Below is a table showing the features and the permissions for each user role.

FeatureAccount ManagerContent ManagerEditor
Assign/Change a users role
Delete a user
Create flows
Edit self created flows
Edit others flows
Delete self created flows
Delete others flows
Create tags
Edit self created tags
Edit others tags
Delete self created tags
Delete others tags
Export Flows
Export Language files
Access Widgets
Change Themes
Access Integration Scripts

In a nutshell

  1. Account Manager has access to everything in the account including deleting users and assigning roles to a user.
  2. Content Manager has access to everything except deleting users and assigning roles to the user.
  3. Editor can only create flows, create tags and edit them.

How to change the role of a user

  1. Login to your Whatfix account as Account Manager and navigate to User tab.

  2. Click on the lock icon on the top right corner of the User block

  3. Select a role you wish to assign to the user. 

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