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Task list analytics tracks the following:

  • List of tasks available in the application

  • Percentage completion of tasks by a user within a task list

  • List of walkthroughs completed by a user

To set up a custom report to capture tasklist usage data.

  1. Navigate to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click the Customization tab.
  3. Click Custom Reports.
  4. Name the report as appropriate and set the following parameters

Set Metric group to 

  • Event Value

Set Dimension Drilldowns to

  • Event Actions

  • Event Label

  • Flow title

Set Filter to include 

  • Event Category exact to tasklist

5. Click Save.

The following report views are available:

View 1: Set of task lists available in the application

Analysis: % completion of Task_list2 is 66%

View 2: Percentage completion of tasks by users within a task list

Analysis: Under Task_list2, user1 has completed 66% of tasks assigned

View 3: List of flows completed by the user

Analysis: User1 has completed the above two tasks/flows under Task_list2.