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What is a Guided Pop-up?

An Guided popup can be used to provide:

  •  Tour of the product to the new users
  •  New feature product tour for releases in the product for the existing users
The popup has a 'Guide Me' button, clicking on which will trigger a flow for the user and a 'Skip' button which will close the popup without triggering the flow. 

The look and feel of the Onboarding Pop-up can be customised through Configuration section.

Feature Configurations

By default, the popup appears every time the user logs in. But, it can also be configured to appear:

  • only the first time user logs in into the application
  • for a certain segment of users
  • only when the user goes to a certain section of the application

One can also show an image or a video in the Onboarding popup by simply adding it to the Flow description.

Following format types are supported in the content description:

Emphasis (Italic)Supported
Strong Emphasis (Bold)Supported 
Un-ordered listSupported 
Ordered listSupported 
Short form linkSupported