Adding Multiple Formats inside the Pop-up
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Adding Multiple Formats inside the Pop-up

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Whatfix gives you the flexibility to use multiple format types in the content description.

You can choose to add a Video, an Image or a GIF in the content description by clicking Quick Insert in the Add Content section.


Following format types are supported in the content description:
Notation Supported
Emphasis (Italic) Yes
Strong Emphasis (Bold) Yes
Un-ordered list Yes
Ordered list Yes
Link Yes
Short form link Yes
Email Yes
Video Yes
Image Yes
Button No
  • The image or GIF needs to be hosted on a secure server (https://) and must be accessible over the internet.
  • Using URL shorteners that do not have filetypes (.jpg, .gif, etc) at the end may not work.
  • You can use an imagehosting site and refer to them in Whatfix.
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