Animating the Self Help Tab
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Animating the Self Help Tab

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To help you improve the usage of Self Help, Whatfix enables you to catch the attention of your users by animating the Self Help tab. You can also configure a tooltip to appear on mouse hover to show the user a tooltip the first time they see the tip. Different configurable animation styles are available using which you can make your users aware of Self-Help and show them how they can access it anytime they are looking for more information.

To enable the animation and tool-tip,

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. On the Whatfix Dashboard, click Widgets.
  3. Click the Self Help tile.
    Self help(1)
  4. Under Self Help, click Configuration.
  5. Click the Attention tab.
  6. You can configure the following options:
  7. Type of animation: There are three different ways in which animations can be shown
  8. Number of times an animation is to be shown - For instance, if you select 2, the Self Help tab stops animation after the second time the user access Self Help.
  9. The tool-tip message This is textual information that can be displayed when the user hovers over Self-Help.
  • The animation and tooltip messages are independent of each other. Depending on your needs, you can configure either one or both.
  • The tooltip message is shown only once to the user.

Watch a GIF video of animating Self Help

self help_animate.gif

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