Choosing how Smart Tips appear
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Choosing how Smart Tips appear

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Whatfix allows you to configure how smart tips appear in the app. The smart tip can display information/definition of the element in two ways.

  • Smart Hovers: Information appears only when the user hovers on an element like a text field.
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When you hover the cursor over an element to display a smart tip, note that the smart tip will continue to display even after the mouse pointer moves away as long as the element is still in focus. This is designed in such a way so that if the information in the tip is necessary to fill a field, it continues to display while the field is being populated.


  • Smart Icon: Information appears when a user clicks an icon that is inserted next to the interface.


To choose what action can trigger smart tips to appear,

  1. On the Whatfix editor, click Smart Tips.

  2. Enter a name for the Smart Tip Collection. This information is for the creator's reference and is not visible to the end user.

  3. Click the + Tip button to create a new Smart Tip.

  4. Select an element on the application that you would like the Smart Tip to point to.

  5. Enter the description for the Smart Tip. You can also add a more detailed optional description (for eg. to specify the rules of an input field).

  6. Scroll down to Appearance style of Smart Tip section.

  7. Select how smart tips should appear.

  8. Finish creating the smart tip.

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