Configuring Themes and Tool tips
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Configuring Themes and Tool tips

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A theme is a combination of colors, fonts, and sizes that create the overall look and feel of a product. This includes color schemes and style elements. Whatfix enables Account Managers and Content Managers to customize the look and feel of the Whatfix content.

To access and configure themes,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix dashboard.

  2. On the top right, click the Settings icon.

  3. Click Configuration.

  4. The Theme section offers the following customizations that you can enable across all Whatfix content.

    • Tool Tip: Configure tips, select the color, format font and text size, customize tip shape and buttons.
    • End Message: Enable or disable the end message. You can also, select color, font size, etc of your end message text for all Flows. For more information, see Requesting feedback at the end of a Flow
    • Automation: Enable or disable the Flow Automation pop-up, show or hide information regarding when the next user input is required and configure the background opacity. For more information, see Configuring the Flow Automation pop-up
End messages can be customized at the end while creating the Flow using the Whatfix Editor.


  1. Select a tool tip theme from the available options.


    Here's how each theme modifies the tooltip appearance
    tooltip theme

*All colors and fonts can be customized in each theme.
*If you do not see multiple themes to select, contact to enable new themes.
    You can configure the following
    • Color configuration: Choose from the existing color palette or pass the hex code of the desired color
    • Text Configuration: Choose font size,  color and style of the tooltip text 
    • Next Button: Choose to show/hide NEXT button and configure button and text color.
    • Back Button: Choose to show or hide back button
    • Step Number: Choose to show or hide step number
    • Flow Name: Choose to show or hide Flow name
    • Flow Name Text: Choose font size and color for the Flow name
    • Corner Radius: Add rounded corners for your tips
    8. Click Save.
    To enable new themes, contact
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