Content Grouping in a Task list
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Content Grouping in a Task list

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The ability to group content makes it easy to manage the content you create. Creating groups also helps your users consume the information in a more structured manner. You can choose to create goal-based groups (for example, you can group certain flows that a user might need for a desired ‘beginner proficiency level). You can also create groups based on the relevance to the page a user is on. It is possible to create groups in a two-level hierarchy.

In Task List the grouping of content can be used to create learning plans. Combining this with the added capability of multiple content types in Tasklist, you can now create comprehensive and organized training plans and track progress easily.

How to create a group?

  1. Select multiple content by clicking the checkbox on the content.
  2. Click New Group to group the selection.
  3. Enter a group name.
your title goes here
This group name acts as a folder in the Tasklist showcased to the end user
  1. Click Ok.

Dragging and Dropping

  • Once a folder is created, you can choose to drag and drop content into/out of the folder
  • Drag and drop functionality is supported in the following cases
    • Re-ordering of content in the segment
    • Re-ordering of content in a group


  • You can create up to 20 groups in each segment
  • Nested grouping (ability to add a group within a group) is currently not supported.
  • Your users can view tasks remaining in the group beside the group name (For tasklist only).
  • This is applicable only if Need Progress is enabled
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