Create a Usability survey
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Create a Usability survey

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The Usability survey enables you to get user feedback on the in-app guidance content (Whatfix DAP layer) in the form of multiple choice questions. The collected insights help you improve the usability of the in-app guidance content.

your title goes here

The following domain needs to be whitelisted to launch a survey to your end users,

your title goes here

You can create a survey using the Survey option on the Whatfix Dashboard under the Create Content dropdown menu.
clm_create content_survey

Here's a GIF that shows how a survey Pop-up appears on your application,

Use the following steps to create a Usability Survey,

  1. Log in to the application where you want to create content, and then launch the Whatfix Studio.
    CLM_editor plug in2

  2. On the Editor, click Popup.

  3. Choose the color theme using the Theme dropdown.


You can also use your custom color by entering the hex color code in the text box.

  1. Select the Usability survey template.
    clm_survey_usability survey

  2. Enter a name for the Popup segment.

  3. In the Controls pane, choose if you want to show the X icon on Pop-up and Don't show me again options by enabling the toggle.
    clm_pop_up_survey_don't show me again

your title goes here
  • The survey Pop-ups are not available for accounts with Self Hosted/Export model
  • Currently, survey templates are not customizable.
  • Add your application name to the survey by inserting the following code in your Advanced Customization.

DB_pop-up_usability survey

window._wfx_settings.custom_data = {
              "application": "servicenow"

Replace “servicenow” with your application name.

  1. Once you are done creating the pop-up, click Save Popup.
    clm_pop-up_save pop-up
  • Click the Save button to save and mark the pop-up as an inactive draft.
  • You can resume editing the pop-up using the dashboard.
  1. On the Whatfix dashboard, hover your cursor over the survey pop-up you want to edit, and then click the Edit icon.

  2. Click the Set Visibility Rules → button.
    DB_Survey_set VR

  3. Set the Where Visibility Rules for the Pop-up to appear. For more information, see Visibility and Display Rule Conditions.
    DB_Survey_set where VR rules

  4. Set the When Visibility Rules for the Pop-up. For more information see Schedule Pop-ups
    DB_Survey_when VR rules

your title goes here
  • Currently, you cannot configure the Repeat section for the survey Pop-up.
  • Survey Pop-ups are only shown once, regardless of whether the user responds or not.
your title goes here

You can preview what the Pop-up looks like on mobile and desktop devices using the toggle button on the top-right of the Pop-up.
DB_Surveys_preview on mobile and desktop1

  1. Click Finish later or Edit Popup depending on your preference.
  • Finish later- Saves the Pop-up as Draft and marks it as Inactive.
  • Edit Pop-up - Takes you back to the Pop-up where you can make changes.
  1. Once you have configured the Pop-up, select it using the checkbox, and then click Send to Ready.
    DB_CLM_send to ready1

  2. Navigate to the Ready stage, and then click the Push to Production button.
    clm_push to production

your title goes here
  • You need to Push to Production or Update Extension for your end users to see the survey Pop-up.
  • The data collected from the survey is sent to you through email. For more information see How can I receive the survey report?
  • Currently, Usability survey cannot be translated.

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