Defining a step as optional
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Defining a step as optional

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Web applications like Facebook, Gmail, ZenDesk, WhatFix automatically log in their users during subsequent visits. Thus, instructions to sign in or sign up may apply only to first time users and may not be applicable to others. Such steps can be declared as optional when creating a workflow.

Optional steps ensure that the user experience is not broken because of different possible scenarios. Optional steps are skipped when those pages or elements are not displayed to a certain set of users thus ensuring continuity of the walkthrough for all kind of scenarios. So if the user is already logged in to the application, they are not shown the login screen while those users who have not logged in, see the step to log in.

To make a step optional,

  1. Click the Whatfix Editor plugin in the browser toolbar.
  2. Click Flow.
  3. Enter the name of the walkthrough as you want it displayed to a user.
  4. Click +Step.
  5. Click the desired element on the page that the user needs to select.
  6. In the editor, scroll down to the Advanced Options.
  1. Under the  Make this Step optional section select the  Yes option.
  2. Finish creating the walkthrough.
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