Downloading Whatfix videos
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Downloading Whatfix videos

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You can download auto-generated videos of walkthroughs even if they are not on public hosting sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

To download the videos:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the walkthroughs you want to download as video.
  3. On the top right, click the Download Contents icon.
  4. Ensure that the Video option and then click Download.
    Downloading Whatfix content in multi-language

    You can download videos in a different language if you have translated them in your languages page.
    Select the preferred language using the language selector drop-down menu before clicking  Download.


  1. A download link is sent as an email to the registered email id. The download link is  valid for 24 hours.
    • Only walkthroughs can be downloaded as videos, PDF or support links.
    • Due to Windows systems restrictions, the workflow being downloaded must**not** have special characters(*, ?, /, \, etc. )  in the title.
    • Any flows that have the '/' character are not downloaded due to naming conventions with various operating systems.
    • The video files are generated in a .mp4 format but are sent to you in a .zip format.
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