Driving Whatfix Help Content Adoption
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Driving Whatfix Help Content Adoption

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Here are some tips to help you improve content visibility and user engagement when it comes to self-help content.

Call attention to Self Help

A very effective way to catch your user's attention is to call attention to your Self Help tab. Maybe your user just hasn't noticed Self Help. You can catch their attention by animating the Self Help tab and adding a one-time tooltip. To animate see Animating the Self Help Tab.

Make sure that the colors that you use for self-help have enough contrast when compared with the color of your application.

Use pop-ups to introduce new content

Pop-ups allow you to push out notifications about any information that you want your users to see. Some users may consider all pop-ups to be annoying or intrusive, so make sure you include the option to opt out.

To create pop-ups, see Creating Pop-ups.

Use a Beacon

Since the Self Help animation stops after it is first seen by the user, you can try to use a Beacon to call attention to specific help content. To create a beacon see Beacons.

Ensure Self Help is the only way to access Help

Remove other links to help on your application including chat icons. Allow users to access chat through the Self Help tab. This increases the likeliness that the user sees the new help content. To create a Self Help, see Configuring Self Help.

Use a Task List

Create a Task List for content that you want all your users to know about and see. Remember to configure Task List to display until all the content has been viewed. For more information, see Configuring a Tasklist.

Ensure that the user is not overwhelmed by displaying too many topics altogether.

Other ways of catching the user's attention

You can also consider using offline methods like creating periodic emails or newsletters to inform users of new content that is now available. Include a list of top issues along with possible solutions.

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