Q3 2020 R2 Release
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Q3 2020 R2 Release

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Last updated: 07 October 2020

Carousel template in Pop-up

Do more with the new Pop-up Carousel template. Deliver more information to convey multiple text information, videos, or images in one pop-up in the form of sliders. Users can use the carousel indicators at the end of the pop-up to navigate through the content on each slide.


Edit Pop-up template code for advanced customizations

With the Code View for Pop-up templates, you can now make detailed visual tweaks that aren't possible using the UI. The Code View gives access to the template's HTML, CSS, and Javascript (JSX) code to make advanced customizations. The code view is available for any template that you select.

To know more, see Editing Pop-up template code.

Redesigned Flow Automation pop-up

The pop-up your end users see when an automated Flow runs, gets a fresh new look. This Flow automation pop-up now appears at the bottom of the application making it less obstructive than before, while the rest of the screen is made non-interactable for the users. However, your users can now clearly see the Flow steps being auto-executed.

The pop-up also displays information such as the Flow name, the step number being auto-executed and at which step the next user input is required.


Hovering the mouse over the pop-up displays the following options to your users.

  • Manual- Stops the Flow Automation and switches the Flow to manual, where the user takes control and continues the Flow on their own.

  • Stop- Ends the entire Flow.


Also, you can choose whether or not to show this pop-up to your users and configure various other settings under Global Configuration. For more information, see Configuring the Flow Automation pop-up

Whatfix Editor extension for Microsoft Edge

Whatfix Editor is now available on the Microsoft Store. You can create Whatfix content on the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser just like you can on Chrome and Firefox.

To install the Whatfix Editor on the new Microsoft Edge, open the following link on the Microsoft Edge browser. Install Whatfix Editor on new Edge.

Customize Flow PDFs

You can customize and style the Flow export PDF template to suit your needs. You can customize the template to show,

  • Three steps in a page. Earlier, it was one step.
  • Your organization logo
  • add or remove the header and footer section

To customize the PDF template, see Whatfix PDF Export or Sharing Flows as PDF.

Faster content updates in Extension Deployment method

Your content updates now get reflected in less than 10 minutes for your users. This update time applies for Chrome Store extension and only if you are making content changes like updating text, images, themes, visibility rules, and creating new Whatfix content, etc.

Changes like Advanced Configurations, Whatfix app version upgrades, and browser extension metadata changes are not considered as content updates and can take anywhere between 3-10 days for Chrome Store to review and update the extension.


To enable this feature for your account, email us at

Salesforce, Google Analytics, and FullStory integration

Integration Hub now connects with Google Analytics and FullStory out-of-the-box allowing you to and automate repetitive tasks in the background.

Also, Salesforce integration with Whatfix is now bi-directional and can send data from Salesforce to Whatfix.

  • Google Analytics - Segment Whatfix content for specific users based on segment data from Google Analytics. For example, show survey form in a Pop-up only to users who have used a new feature thrice in a particular geography.
  • FullStory - Identify instances of rage-clicking and show appropriate Whatfix content to those users and reduce frustration and improve the user experience.

For more examples and use cases, see Integration Hub.

New Content Repository UI and functionalities

The Content Repository Integration UI gets a face-lift for a smoother experience, along with exciting new capabilities. You can now integrate any custom HTML based knowledge base applications with Whatfix.

The new Repository UI allows you to configure the Crawler settings, using which you can either choose to fetch the content from the entire repository or only from specific folders of the repository.

For more information, see Integrating your Content Repository with Whatfix

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