Enable Ticketing in Self Help
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Enable Ticketing in Self Help

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The Ticketing Integration in your Whatfix widget will open your ticketing service in a new tab. Once set up, this feature enables users to raise tickets to be sent to your support team.


When a user searches for content but is returned with no search results, you can ensure that a user can choose to be redirected to your ticketing platform. When the user clicks the icon, they are taken to another tab where your ticketing platform opens.

To integrate your ticketing system on Whatfix:

1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
2. In the left panel, click Widgets.
3. Click Self Help.
Self help(1)
4. In the left pane, click Configuration.
5. On the Support tab, select the checkbox next to Ticketing Support and then in the Link box below, enter the URL.
6. You can modify the text to be displayed to the user in the Text box.
7. Click Save.
Watch a GIF video about enabling ticketing in Self Help


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