Languages Supported by Whatfix
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Languages Supported by Whatfix

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Whatfix supports the following languages:

    Language Language Code
    Arabic** ar
    Assamese as
    Bengali bn
    B ulgarian bg
    Burmese my
    Catalan ca
    Chinese zh
    Chinese Mainland zh-CN
    Chinese-Taiwan zh-TW
    C roatian hr
    Czech cs
    Danish da
    Dutch nl
    English* en
    English (Australia) en-AU
    English (India) en-IN
    English (Singapore) en-SG
    English (UAE) en-AE
    English (UK) en-UK
    English (US) en-US
    Estonian et
    Finnish fi
    French fr
    French - Canada frca
    German de
    Greek el
    Gujarati gu
    Hebrew** he
    Hindi hi
    Hmong hmn
    Hungarian hu
    Icelandic is
    I ndonesian id
    Italian it
    Japanese ja
    Kannada kn
    K orean ko
    L atvian lv
    L ithuanian lt
    Malay ms
    Malayalam ml
    Marathi - India mr
    Nepali ne
    Norwegian no
    Polish pl
    Persian** fa
    Polish pl
    Portuguese pt
    Portugese - Brazil pt-BR
    Portugese - European pt-PT
    Punjabi pa
    Romanian ro
    Russian ru
    Serbian sr
    Sinhala si
    Slovak sk
    Slovenian sl
    Spanish - Castilian es-ES
    Spanish - Mexican es-MX
    Spanish es
    Swedish sv
    Tagalog tl
    Tamil - India ta
    Telugu te
    Taiwan zhtw
    T hai th
    Turkish tr
    Ukrainian uk
    Urdu** ur
    Vietnamese vi
* English is the default language.
** Right to left languages
  • To add additional languages (mentioned above) to the list in your account at step 4, contact
  • Alignment of content on the tip is from Right to Left (RTL).

To check the languages that are enabled in your account:

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.

  2. Click the Settings icon.

  3. Click Languages.

  4. The list of languages is displayed.

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