Linking a walkthrough in a smart tip
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Linking a walkthrough in a smart tip

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Whatfix allows you to link an existing walkthrough to a smart tip. The user can choose to view the linked walkthrough or skip it.
This works in both See Live and Slideshow mode.
Connecting a walkthrough to a smart tip is a two-step process. 
Step 1: Find the walkthrough ID that you want to link 
Step 2: Connect the walkthroughs

Step 1: Find the walkthrough ID that you want to link

You'd need a walkthrough ID when trying to link multiple walkthroughs or when customizing a particular walkthrough using advanced customization.

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.


  2. Click the walkthrough for the ID you want to find.


  3. On the top left of the page, next to the name of the walkthrough, click Copy ID .


    The flow ID is copied to the clipboard and is ready to be pasted.

    You can also view the flow ID in the URL of the walkthrough. The last section in the URL is the ID of the walkthrough. walkthrough_id_in_url. In this case, the walkthrough ID is 3aa4de30-8cea-11e9-a33c-82ae84f41eba.

Step 2: Connect the walkthroughs

  1. Navigate to the smart tip that you want to insert the walkthrough in and click the edit icon.


  2. Highlight a word in the text that you want to hyperlink. 


  3. Click the Insert Link option from the toolbar.


  4. In the URL field, enter the walkthrough ID in the format wfx-walkthroughID where walkthrough ID is what was copied in Step 1 above.

    Example : To insert the walkthrough that was identified above, the url to be entered is wfx-3aa4de30-8cea-11e9-a33c-82ae84f41eba.


  5. Click Insert.


  6. Click the Save Tip button.
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