Pop-up not displaying
  • 20 Nov 2020
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Pop-up not displaying

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A Pop-up may not display if:

  • The visibility rules aren't set correctly.
  • Pop-up may have expired.
  • Pop-up is not yet published.
  • Pop-up is restricted to certain user roles.
  • The Pop-up may have a conflict with another pop-up with the same visibility rules.


  • Check if the segment for the pop-up is active. 
  • The pop-up could have expired or set not to appear on specific dates. Check the Visibility Rules for When the pop-up must appear, i.e., date and occurrence count. 
  • Make sure the pop-up is live either by clicking the Push to Production button or updating the extensions.
  • Check whether user roles are used to configure the pop-up visibility rules. If so, make sure the appropriate user roles are added.
  • Make sure you don't have two pop-ups with the same visibility rules, Whatfix permits only one pop-up to be displayed on a page at a time.

If there are two pop-ups with the same visibility rules, then the pop-up created first takes precedence.

  • Check if the Don't show again Option is enabled. Enabling this option gives the end-user the option to disable the pop-up.
Always test pop-ups using the Whatfix Preview mode before it's visible to your user. Here's how to enable the Preview Mode on Whatfix Editor

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