Q2 R2 2021 Release
  • 20 Jul 2021
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Q2 R2 2021 Release

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Last updated: 7 July, 2021

Flow Enhancements

Beacon Enhancements


User Action Enhancements

Audio-guided Flow

Make your Flows more engaging by adding audio guides into them. In addition to the ability to insert images and videos in Flow steps, Whatfix now enables you to add audio clips for steps requiring detailed explanations.


For more information, see Inserting Audio clips in Flow Steps.

Beacon Level Configuration

You can now customize the look and feel of each Whatfix Beacon that appears to your end-users, on an application, with Beacon Level Configurations.

To know more about customizing a specific Beacon, see Creating a Beacon.

Rich Text Editor for Beacons

You can now format text content and add multimedia files to Beacon descriptions with the Rich Text Editor.

Beacon Rte

To know more, see Adding Rich Text Content inside a Beacon.

New UI for Survey Monkey Integration

The Integration Hub dashboard gets a fresh new UI for SurveyMonkey Integration. You can now quickly integrate SurveyMonkey to share data with Whatfix and show surveys to your users based on multiple conditions.

The pre-defined integration template enables you to get survey response data from a Google Sheet and then use it to show the survey only to those who have not completed it.

For more use cases and integration steps, see SurveyMonkey Integration.

Display Rules for User Action

While creating User Actions, you can now configure Display Rules to each action, so that the User Action is valid only when the specified conditions are met.


For more information, see Creating a User Action.

Debug mode for User Actions

User Actions are created on UI elements to track end-users engagement with an application. Since User Actions cannot be previewed, there’s no way for you to know if User Actions are present on a page or not.

Now, using your browser’s Inspect console, you can debug the page to see if User Actions are available on the page.

your title goes here

For more information, contact Whatfix Support at [email protected]

User Actions in Summary pop-up

User Actions are now part of the Summary pop-up that lists the changes that are going live when you perform a Push to Production or extension update.


User Actions data on Analytics Summary page

The Analytics Summary page now displays an overview of the available User Action data. The User Action tile displays the following details,

  • Total unique users who have interacted with the elements on which User Actions were created.
  • Total User Actions created on your account.


For more information, see Analytics Summary.

your title goes here

You can also get User Action engagement data using custom API.

User Actions supported for Export deployment model

User Actions feature has now been made available for customers who use the Export model of deployment.

User Action as Visibility Rules for widgets

Using rules for widgets enables you to target content at specific users by configuring User Action as Visibility Rules. The User Action acts like a trigger and displays the widget only to users who have performed the action.


For more information, see Using User Actions as Visibility Rules.

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