Q3 R1 2021 Release
  • 12 May 2022
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Q3 R1 2021 Release

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Q3 R1 2021 rebrand

User count visibility in Analytics Summary

Whatfix Analytics now displays the number of unique users who viewed and engaged with various Whatfix content on your application.


For more information, see Analytics Summary.

Export Package Integrity

Self-Hosted deployment users can now validate the integrity of the content export package before deploying it on your servers. This means you can verify that the data has not been tampered with before you host it.

For more information, see Export Package Integrity.

User Action delete confirmation pop-up

When deleting a User Action, you are now shown a pop-up that displays the list of Flows and widget Visibility rules where the user action is being used.


For more information, see Deleting a User Action.

Segment content using Enterprise Attributes

With Integration Hub, you can now integrate out-of-the-box applications to fetch application-level information and use them as Enterprise Attributes in the Widget Visibility Rules for content segmentation.

Use cases:

  • Display Pop-up only to users who are logging from the EMEA region.
  • Display Self Help only to users who are from a specific department of your organization.

For more information, see Enterprise Attributes for content segmentation.

Repository Integration Status Report

You can now get a detailed report of every integration that Whatfix performs with your Content Repository.

You can use the Repository Integration Status Report to ,

  • Keep a track of the integrated Repositories
  • Take the necessary actions, in case the Repository integration gets delayed or fails.


For more information on the status report, see Repository Status Integration Report.

To understand each of the multiple statuses that an integration can be in, see Understanding Reposiitory Integration Status.

API based Users and Tags creation

You can now bulk create, edit and delete Users and Tags via API.

Additionally, you can download the list of users who engaged with a widget and extract User-level information as well.

For more information, see

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