Q4 2020 R2 Release
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Q4 2020 R2 Release

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Last updated: 13 January 2021

Track end-user engagement with your application

You can now obtain rich and granular user behavior insights on your application that enables you to engage with the right segments of users and drive adoption and business growth.

Understand how your end-users engage with your application and make incremental changes driven by data to drive engagement.

To know more, see User Action.

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If you want the feature enabled for your account, contact Whatfix Support at

Nudge users to complete Task List

On-boarding can get really difficult when the users don’t complete the tasks of the Task List. You can now nudge your users to complete available tasks based on certain criteria.
For example, you can configure the nudge feature to prompt only those users who have not completed at least 50 percent of the tasks as of a certain date.

For more information, see Nudging users to complete the Task List.


Copy Flow Steps

You can copy steps from one Flow to another saving you the need to repeat actions. This is useful when processes or tasks in your application all start with a few similar steps. Flow steps can also be copied and inserted at any point of a Flow.

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Once copied, the steps are independent off the original Flow. Any changes to the original Flow steps must be made in all copied steps independently.


For more information, see Copying Flow steps.

Video download status

The status of the Flow videos in download can now be tracked on the Whatfix Dashboard using the download notification tab on the left pane. Once the videos are ready, you can directly download them from the dashboard. You can also keep track of Flow videos that were successfully generated and get notified on the videos that failed the upload process.

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For more information, see Downloading Whatfix videos.

Insert Visibility Rules

Content Visibility rules now supports inserting a visibility rule in between existing rules. You can also drag and drop these rules to a more meaningful position so they are evaluated in the desired order.

Visibility Rules.gif

Single installer for multiple browser extensions

Whatfix now enables users to generate a single Installer to install the Whatfix extension across multiple browsers on your end-user machines.

Once you have generated the installer, you can use quickly install the extension to your all your end-users without having to worry about which browsers they use.

When new browsers are added to the system, you can just update the same extension file and deploy the extension on the newly added browsers.

For more information see, Single Installer.

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If you want the feature enabled for your account, contact Whatfix Support at

Workday and Microsoft Forms Integration

Integration Hub now connects with Workday and Microsoft Forms out-of-the-box applications, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks in the background.

  • Workday- Segment Whatfix content for specific users based on Role, Department, Employment type, and other attributes from Workday. For more information and other use cases, see Workday Integration.

  • Microsoft Forms- Use data from MS Forms to roll out surveys to your users based on multiple conditions. For example, show a survey to users who haven't completed the survey. For more information and other use cases, see Microsoft Forms Integration.

Ability to select content across all pages

The List view enables you to select all content across all pages. You can also continue to select only the content of a particular page.

Schedule Integrations

The ability to schedule your Integrations for future time intervals of your choice saves time by reducing manual intervention and increases data movement transparency of information between your application and Whatfix.
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To know more, see Scheduling an Integration.

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