Restricting Self Help Search results using Tags
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Restricting Self Help Search results using Tags

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You can control the display of Whatfix content in the Self Help Search to a certain segment of users by using a particular tag or a set of tags.

There are two reasons why you may want to restrict your search results to a certain number of Flows or other Whatfix content.

  • If you have several Flows that you don't want to display when users search for content in Self Help, you can tag those that you want to display. For example, content that is for production and content that is being developed. If you want to show only content that is in production, and tag the respective content with a tag, then when a user searches, only the tagged content is searched.
  • If you want to show different search results for different segments of users, you can tag the content and associate the tag with different segments. For example, if there are 10 Flows that are applicable to a segment, when tagged with a particular tag, the search results of anyone from that segment is restricted to those 10 Flows.

To restrict Search results using tags:

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Click Widgets.
  3. Click Self Help.
    Self help(1)
  4. Navigate to the segment that you want to restrict.
  5. Under the Set Rules section, click Search Scope.
  6. Select the Tags option and then select the tags you want to use.
If multiple tags are selected, you have the option to use the AND or OR operators.


  1. Click OK and then Save. Now, When a user of the segment searches for Whatfix content, only the Flows that are tagged are displayed in the Self Help widget.

Watch a Gif video of restricting search results


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