Smart Tip configuration
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Smart Tip configuration

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Smart Tips can be customized to use different options to define the way Smart Tips appear to users. You can format text, choose colors, define if you want to use the 'i' icon or an image, determine how long you want the tip to appear, etc.
To configure Smart Tips:

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix dashboard.


  2. In the left panel, click Widgets.

  3. On the right panel, click the Smart Tips tile.

  4. In the left panel, click Configuration.

  5. Make the necessary changes on this page using the following information. The configurations that you can change are listed below:
    • Change the color of the smart tip
    • Configure the time for which the tip appears and then disappears. 
    • Choose formatting options like text size, color, style, etc for the Smart tip header and optional text 
    • Define if you want to display the X icon on a tip and the color of the icon.
    • Choose the color of the 'i' icon or choose to upload an alternate image to use instead of a 'i' icon. For example, you could use a question mark icon.


  6. Click Save.

    Any changes that you make are applied universally to all Smart tips that you may have on your application. This includes Smart Tips that you have already created.
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