Subresource Integrity (SRI)
  • 24 Mar 2023
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Subresource Integrity (SRI)

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Article Summary

Subresource Integrity (SRI) is a standard web security feature that enables browsers to verify that a resource loaded from a CDN is not manipulated when it is delivered to the browser.

Enterprises using the JavaScript + Cloud model of deployment can now opt into the latest security update of SRI compatibility.

How does it work?

Whatfix attaches a unique integrity attribute created using a SHA384 encryption standard to every end user-impacting Whatfix library files. For every change made to these libraries, a new integrity attribute value is automatically generated. Changes to libraries that have an end user impact, triggers a change in the integrity attribute value.

With this update, you can trust the integrity of the Whatfix libraries delivered from your CDN and protect end users from unintentional modifications to library files.
Whatfix administrators can choose to accept or reject Whatfix library updates when pushing changes to production. Administrators can decide not to accept library updates and continue pushing new Whatfix content created on the dashboard to end users.

Enable Subresource Integrity

To enable SRI, contact

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