Task list Configuration
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Task list Configuration

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The Task list can be configured for several functions as described below.

  • Ability to determine a sequence for the tasks in a task list. When this feature is enabled, users are forced to attempt tasks in the order they are listed. They can progress to the next task only after the previous task has been completed.
  • Ability to track task progress: When enabled, this feature shows the completed status of a task. So if a user has completed two tasks, the completed status bar displays the progress so that users can easily understand how much more content is still remaining.
  • Ability to open a task on the same page, as a new page, or as a pop-up.
  • Ability to change font, color and formatting options.

To configure the Task list:

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, click Widgets.


  2. On the right panel, click the Task List tile.


  3. In the left panel, click Configuration.


  4. Make the necessary changes on this page using the following information. The configurations that you can change are listed below:
    • Change the color of the icon, header, text, etc.
    • Change the position of the widget from the bottom left to the bottom right
    • Display Task Progress
    • Enforce sequential completion of tasks.
    • Change the Title of the Task list
    • Determine where each task list item is opened - in the same window, a new window or a pop-up
  5. Note
    If Task Progress is not selected, the user will always see the Tasklist, even after completion.


  6. Click Save.
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