Understanding Language file translation status
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Understanding Language file translation status

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The Languages table display contains a status column that indicates if the file is in sync with the content.
To view the status of your language files,

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, under Settings, navigate to Languages.
    See how

    1. On the top right, click the Settings icon.


    2. Click Languages.


  2. The list of supported languages is listed along with the status. For a status that is out of date, click the link to see the content that is missing the translation.


    For locales that are not in sync, an appropriate message is displayed. Each language file has one of the following statuses:

    Status Description
    Up to Date The files are updated to the latest changes.
    Added The language has been enabled but no translation has been uploaded.
    Out of Date The files need to be updated with the latest translations. Click the Out of Date status link to download and viewed.

    Watch a GIF video on checking the status of language files.


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