Using the Whatfix Rich Text Editor
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Using the Whatfix Rich Text Editor

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The Whatfix Rich Text Editor enables you to format content using multiple options. It also helps you to link to and include multimedia content. The rich editor can be used across different widgets.

To access the rich text editor, while creating a Flow, for example, on any step or tip, highlight the content to be formatted.


    Icon Description
    image2019-6-11_14-8-46.png Bolds the highlighted content
    image2019-6-11_14-9-15.png Italicises the highlighted content
    image2019-6-11_14-9-38.png Underlines the highlighted content
    image2019-6-11_14-9-59.png Changes the color of the text
    image2019-6-11_14-10-23.png Changes the font size
    image2019-6-11_14-11-5.png Aligns or justifies content
    image2019-6-11_14-11-27.png Links content to another page or external content
    image2019-6-11_14-11-48.png Inserts a numbered list
    image2019-6-11_14-12-7.png Inserts a bulleted list
    image2019-6-11_14-12-32.png Indent highlighted content to the right
    image2019-6-11_14-13-2.png Indents highlighted content to the left
    image2019-6-11_14-13-23.png Inserts a picture
    image2019-6-11_14-13-42.png Inserts a video file
When inserting images, ensure that they are not more than 270 pixels in width in a tooltip and not more than 500 pixels in width on a Pop-Up. Increasing the image size any further results in scroll bars.
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