Whatfix PDF Export
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Whatfix PDF Export

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Whatfix Flows can be downloaded in PDF format for sharing and printing.

Before downloading Flows

If the Flow title includes spaces or any of these special characters — *, <, >, :, ", /, |, \ , ?, #, %, period (.), and comma (,) then they are replaced with an underscore (_) when downloading Flows to prevent errors.

Customizing the PDF template

You can download the PDFs in two different designs. Also, add your company logo, include or remove header and footer section.

To customize the PDF template,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings icon and then click Configurations.
  3. Navigate to PDF section and you can perform the following customizations.
    • Using the radio button you can select between two PDF templates.
      • Classic - One step in a page
      • Portrait - Three steps in a page
    • Enable the header section using the toggle button. Once enabled, you can add your company logo, configure the size, and the header content.
    • Enable the Footer section using the toggle button to add footer content.
  4. After customizing the template, click Save.

Downloading Flows as PDF

To download the Flows as PDF,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Hover over the content you want to export, click More icon
  3. Click PDF
You can download PDF in a different language if you have translated them in your languages page.
Select the preferred language using the language selector drop-down menu.lang_selec_drop_down.png
  • If you are using an image in the description field then there are chances that some parts of the image may get cut off when exporting as PDF.
  • The end message displayed on the last page can have a maximum height of 650 pixels and width of 570 pixels. Use the text size and the number of characters to ensure that your end message is within the limit to prevent any cut-off.
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