Whatfix Release Notes
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Whatfix Release Notes

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Last updated: 2 April, 2020

Q1 2020 Release-2

Improved Content Versioning

Versioning is now completely automated. Every time you click the save button, a version is created. You can now track all of the changes made to content in a detailed chronological order. Any version will have the following details

  • What is the version number
  • When the version was created
  • Who made the updated

Any previous version can be restored. When you restore a previous version, a copy of the version is made and added as the latest version. You can also download a PDF version of any version by clicking the View or PDF link depending on the type of content. For more information see Content Versioning.

New List View on Dashboard

Get the most out of your Dashboard with the new List View. You can view more content and detailed information about the content on the Whatfix Dashboard. For more information, see Customizing Dashboard List View.

list view shyam 2x gif (1)

An alternate to using CSS Selectors

If you find using CSS Selectors difficult when configuring Branching and Display Rules, you can now use the Select Element option. It is as simple as selecting an element on your app. You don’t need to go through the code.

In the Branching/Display Rules section, choose the Select Element option from the dropdown, click the element in your app, and then finish configuring the rule as usual.


Flow Automation

Automation helps you improve users productivity and minimize errors by automatically performing certain steps of a walkthrough. You can automate navigational clicks, selection of menu items, auto-fill form fields, etc.

You can automate one or more steps of a walkthrough. This works for both new as well as existing walkthroughs.

To see how to enable and use this feature, see Flow Automation.

Data entry Automation

You can now auto populate text in a form using Smart Tips. The input text can be configured for Smart Tips that have already been created. For more information, see Data entry Automation.

Enter custom text inputs using URL parameters

You can auto input text in a form using an automated walkthrough by entering the variables in the URL of the walkthrough. To know more, see Using URL parameters to automatically populate a form.

Capturing Successful Search Terms in Self Help

In addition to unsuccessful search terms, there's a new tab in Self Help analytics that displays a list of successful search terms. Find out what's working! And try to include more of those terms in your content. Successful Search terms actually tell you how much you are saving because every successful search is one less support call. For more information, see Self Help Analytics.


Analytics disabled by default in Self Hosted Modes

Unlike for the JavaScript and extension deployment, analytics is now disabled by default for the Export model of deployment. Once you enable analytics, the clickstreams are sent to Google Analytics or custom analytics as enabled by the customer.
To enable analytics on the export model, see Enable Whatfix Analytics for Export Mode.


New custom date filter for reports

You can now quickly select the Analytics data for last 30 days/90 days or define a custom time frame using a drop-down menu on the Analytics Dashboard. This should also show drastic changes to the performance of the dashboard load.


Customize Whatfix's default text

With Custom Labels, you can change the name of any label in the Whatfix UI so that it fits your organization's style and branding guidelines.

For example, you can change the default Self Help search field text that says Enter your search criteria here to something that is more suitable for your users. To see the full list of labels and know how to customize the text, see Renaming Custom Labels.


SharePoint integration

Bring your SharePoint content and show it along with other Whatfix content inside your application. Your users can search for articles in your knowledge base using Self Help.

To enable the SharePoint integration, write to us at

Provide product feedback on the Dashboard

Now you can use the feedback feature on bottom left of the dashboard to provide product feedback directly to the product team in Whatfix. To know more, see Give product feedback.


Horizontal Auto Scroll supported

Whatfix has always supported vertical auto scrolling in walkthroughs. Now if the user needs to scroll horizontally to get to the next point of action, Whatfix automatically scrolls horizontally as well to the next actionable point.

No additional configuration is required to enable this ability.

Horizontal scroll

Feature name changes

We’re changing the name of several feature in Whatfix to better fit with their current and future capabilities. Since their initial release, the features have evolved into something a little deeper and we want the names to reflect that. You can find all the changes in the table below.

The new terminologies will soon reflect in the Product as well. For further clarification, email us at

Then Now Description
Intelligent Segmentation Smart Context The ability to reduce effort during content creation and recognize user context automatically before displaying content
Deep Element Detection Precise Element Selection Ability to identify and select the correct element to minimize broken flow experiences
Auto Skip Fast Forward Ability to understand where the user is when they are asking for information and show content from the exact location without starting from the beginning
Auto Execution Flow Automation Ability to improve productivity and minimize errors by automating steps in a walkthrough
Crawler Content Aggregation Ability to bring content from knowledge bases into your application
Channels Outside App Destinations Support for LMS, Knowledge bases, integrations with chat, bots
Multiformats Auto Update Ability to create and auto update multiple outputs with a single update
Omnichannel Adoption Everywhere Ability to support content both in app and outside app
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