Whatfix Release Notes
  • 18 May 2022
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Whatfix Release Notes

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Q2 R1 2022 Release

New Self Help Configuration options

Application colors may vary, and with that Content Creators, might find a need to change the Self Help colors to make it match the application. Whatfix now enables you to change the content and content background color of Self Help. This aids in better user experience on your application.


Additionally, you can also show onboarding messages on the opened or closed Self Help segment. This helps draw end-user attention to the widget and aids usage.

For more information, see Self Help Configuration.

Enhancements in Whatfix Studio

Preview mode repositioned

In the previous version of the Studio Editor, navigating to the preview mode was a two step process.
Whatfix Studio has enhanced this action by reducing the steps to just one. The redesigned Preview mode is only one click away to review and see how your content appears on your application or website.

Studio preview mode

For more information, see Preview Beacon, Preview Smart Tips, and Preview Pop-ups.

Edit Smart Tips and Beacons during creation

You can now edit Beacons and Smart Tips during the creation of these widgets.
In the previous version of Whatfix Studio, it was only possible to edit Flow steps during the creation of Flows.

The new version of Whatfix Studio enables you to edit Smart Tips and Beacons on the Editor level for a seamless content creation.
Soft Editor for Beacon and Smart Tip

For more information, see Edit Smart Tips and Edit Beacons.

Upload Images from your Dashboard repository

Serve your images faster with Whatfix Studio's brand new Image Upload capability.

You can now directly browse and upload image files from your Dashboard repository to your Flows, Beacons, and Smart Tips in the Studio Editor.
image upload

So, any image that you have as an asset in your Dashboard repository, you can use directly while ordering content using the Studio editor.

For more information, see Create Image Content.

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