Whatfix Release Notes
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Whatfix Release Notes

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Last updated: 20 May, 2020

Show information via pop-up before running Flows

There are times when you need to give some information to your users after they select a flow, but before they start the first step. You can now configure your Flows to show a pop-up with this information before the first step of the Flow is run. This is referred to as Flow information pop-up.

An example where you might need to use this functionality is when your users need to keep particular information ready before running a Flow so that they don't get stuck in the middle.

You can do this by adding the wfx_play_as_popup tag in the Editor when creating a Flow or on the Dashboard after creating Flows. See, Showing information before running Flows.

Use Search Keywords to help users find content

Help your users find content even if the words they use in their search query aren't exactly the words used in your content. You can set up Search Keywords for each content in Whatfix.

For example, you can add "knowledge base" and "document" as Search Keywords for all the content related to "content repository." So, when a user searches for "knowledge base" or "document" in Self Help, the results include content related to "content repository." For more information, see Using keywords to help users find content

Use multiple step completion rules together in Flows

You can now add multiple step completion rules to reduce Flow breaks. Earlier you could add only one step completion rule could be defined. The conditions are no longer radio buttons but multi select checkboxes. Depending on the step, Whatfix enables this functionality wherever possible.

The step completion rules that are available are automatically limited by the kind of step completion rule you select. We've done this to limit the scope for errors that result in Flow failures.

Bring in articles from particular SharePoint folder to Self Help

Earlier, integrating SharePoint would sync all your SharePoint content. But now, you can choose to sync only articles from particular folders in your SharePoint account to Self Help.

To enable the SharePoint integration or change the syncing preference, write to us at

Extension install analytics

Once the extension is deployed, and analytics are available, you can navigate to one of the following templates, select your account and view a dashboard of everything you wanted to know about how your extension is faring. You can see information about how many users have installed the extension, the type of browsers used, geography of installs, etc.

Email notifications when your flows fail

Beginning May 20th, you will receive a daily email notification with the list of flows failed from the previous day. This email contains the following information

  • Name of the flows failed linked to Flow Analytics
  • Number of times each flow failed
  • Step number at which maximum failures happened
  • Author of the flow

The email is sent automatically every day between 4:30 AM - 5:00 AM Pacific Time and no additional configuration is required to receive the email.


If you don't want to receive these Flow Failure email notifications, you can use the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

Select elements using right-click and left-click

In some apps, when you're trying to select an element using left-click it may also trigger the actual element click. In such scenarios, you can now use right-click on the mouse to select the element without triggering the element click. See, Unable to select element while creating Flows.

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