What's new in Whatfix Studio?
  • 15 Jun 2023
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What's new in Whatfix Studio?

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Article Summary

Whatfix Studio is the all-new Editor with a more intuitive UI, a smoother content creation experience, and more functionality.

Benefits of Whatfix Studio

  • A faster and seamless content creation experience.
  • WYSIWYG capability that shows how your content looks on your application as you create it.
  • More visual content creation process.

Let’s look at what's changed with Whatfix Studio so that you can enjoy content creation even more.

Studio home page


your title goes here

The option to switch back to the old version is only available for some users.


Flow step creation

The biggest change is that, like the new Pop-up, you are making changes while viewing the change. For example, when you create a step, your tip purpose and description can be entered directly in the bubble tip. What you see is what you get!


Smart Tips

Smart Tip creation

Smarttip studio


Beacon creation



Pop-up Creation

Like other Whatfix widgets, you can create Pop-ups using the Studio!
Pop-up studio

Pop-up creation


Launcher Creation

Launchers enable you to add customizable buttons that trigger Whatfix content like Flow, Pop-up, Video, or Link with a single click. You can create a Launcher from the Studio.


Switch to Whatfix Studio

To switch to Studio, contact

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