Flow Best Practices
  • 02 Jul 2021
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Flow Best Practices

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Use Flows for Product tours and Tutorials

Use Flows for sequential actions. For example: Product tour, Tutorials, and UI guidance.

Use simple descriptive names for Flows

Name every Flow clearly for easy retrieval during search. Use simple descriptive words that your audience is likely to use. Keep the title short. Use gerunds.

Do not use special characters while naming Flows

Do not use special characters when naming a Flow. Special characters may cause issues when trying to download the Flow as a video.

If the Flow title includes spaces or any of these special characters (<,>,:,",/,|,,?,*,#,%,\s,\n,.), then they are replaced with an underscore (_) when the flow is downloaded as a PDF or a Video.

Use a brief description in Tooltips

Use easy-to-understand words and simple sentences. Keep the description in your tip simple and to the point.

Make sure tooltips don't hide any UI elements on the mobile app

Position the tooltips so that they don't hide any elements on your app. In certain cases, the tooltip could inadvertently hide certain important UI.

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