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  • 18 Aug 2021
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Publishing content

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Whatfix content is displayed on your mobile application, only when it is deployed.

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  • You need to be an Account Manager to perform the following task. To see more information about available roles and their permission, see Whatfix User Roles.
  • The Push to Production option is applicable only for accounts using the JavaScript Embed deployment model.

To deploy the content,

  1. Navigate to Whatfix Mobile Dashboard.

  2. Click All Contents.

  3. Click Push To Production at the top right.

  4. On the summary pop-up, review the content that are going live and then click the Push to Production button.

  5. When the process is complete, a notification mail is sent to your registered email address.

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The push to production usually takes only a few mintues. However, when there are many updates, it may take upto 30 minutes to reflect on your application.

  1. To see the updated content in the mobile application, close the app, and reopen it again.

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