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While setting up segments for your widgets, you can use the AND/OR settings for conditions. You can use these conditions in as a combination as well.

Here, the AND acts as a delimiter and all the conditions between two ANDs gets evaluated.

  • Visibility rule conditions support both AND and OR operations.

For example: If you have multiple hostnames and you would like to set one common segment, set the visibility rules with an OR condition. 

  • Segment content by Tags also supports the AND/OR operations.


  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard. 
  2. Click the Widgets tab.
  3. Select the widget you want to create.
  4. Click New Segment
  5. Here, you can configure your segmentation and use the conditions for visibility rules and for selecting tags. 

  • AND acts as a delimiter
  • The parentheses between these conditions would be denoted by the light grey background