Integration Hub Overview
  • 10 Jun 2024
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Integration Hub Overview

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Article summary

As part of Whatfix's Open Ecosystem Platform, we can exchange data and attribute streams across other products. This capability empowers enterprises to exchange data in multiple forms to unify and use insights across products.

The Integration Hub enables you to do the following:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Automate everyday tasks and increase productivity
  • Automate alerts and notifications using pop-ups for the planned downtime

The architecture used is planned like an intelligent nervous system for a modern enterprise to scale and automate the data as per requirements. Use the platform's capabilities to create a custom uni- or bi-direction data flow.

Integrations with other applications enable you to contextualize content for users efficiently. Based on these integrations, you can target information based on the following parameters:

  • User roles
  • Survey responses
  • User groups
  • Content segmentation based on triggers

How does it work?

Whatfix can listen to multiple APIs and Webhooks. These are the ways you can get apps to communicate with Whatfix and exchange data.
Integration hub overview1

Let’s say you, Sherlock, are a Content Manager looking to automate your content management pipeline from Whatfix to Confluence. It takes you an insane amount of time to create articles for the Whatfix Flows in Confluence.

Integration Hub enables you to automate the entire process. Every time you create a Flow and publish it, a new page is automatically created on Confluence for the Flow, saving you hours of manual work and preventing user errors.

The following are a few business scenarios where you can automate the process using Integration Hub:

  • To connect with your Invoicing app to show a pop-up to customers whose renewal date is coming up.
  • To connect with your Knowledge Base app to create new articles whenever a Whatfix Flow is published.
  • To connect with your Customer Feedback or Survey app to personalize content based on their feedback or rating.
  • To know the steps to integrate Whatfix with your application, contact
  • Integration Hub is not available for Self Hosted mode of deployment.

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