Branching in a Flow
  • 21 Oct 2022
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Branching in a Flow

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Branching enables you to guide end users through several possible options. For example, if there are multiple paths that an end user can choose as part of a Flow, then use branching to guide your users irrespective of the option they select.

Here's an example of how Whatfix Branching can work for you.

You have created a Flow that explains the process of importing accounts and contacts on Salesforce. The Flow explains the three options you can choose to import your data. Branching can be set up from this Flow to specific Flows created in advance, to explain the different importing options to the user.

Branching example

Branching requires:

  • Main Flow (the base Flow from which branching starts)
  • Branching Condition (defined in the main Flow, which must be evaluated to "true")
  • Target Flow (the branched Flow which is triggered based on the condition)

In the above example, 3 Target Flows which take the user through the importing options like Add New Records, Update Existing Records and Add new and update existing records are created first. Then, create the Main Flow that shows the 3 importing options that the user can choose from. Set the branching conditions so that when the user clicks on any of the 3 importing options, the respective Target Flow is played.

  • When selecting a target Flow, you are presented with a dialog listing all available Flows in the account.
  • A step can have multiple branches. The first branch whose conditions evaluate true is selected.
  • You can select the step from which the branched Flow should begin for your end users.Dashboard_Branching_Rules
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For Advanced Customizations, you can achieve branching by adding custom code. To know more on Advanced Customization, contact [email protected].

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