Can I configure my LRS with Whatfix?
  • 22 Dec 2022
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Can I configure my LRS with Whatfix?

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Whatfix pre-configures Learning Recording System (LRS) for xAPI compliant packages. Here are some examples of user behavior that you can track

  • John clicked the Task List
  • John attempted the Salesforce module-1 course
  • John played the Salesforce welcome video
  • John passed the Whatfix course for Salesforce etc )

To track such information, it is mandatory to link your LRS details onto our xAPI package. This is due to the wide range of LMSs to choose from - like Talent LMS or SAP Litmos etc. For more information see, see xAPI package export.

Sharing your xAPI details with Whatfix

Once the xAPIpackage is exported, a .zip file is downloaded. The downloaded file can then be integrated with the LMS of your choice.
Use the following steps to integrate your xAPI package details with Whatfix,

  1. Extract the .zip file in a folder of your choice.
    config.js file

  2. Open the config.js file using a code editor.

  3. In the code editor, you'll have to enter the endpoint, SCORM cloud username, and password within ““ adjacent to the respective fields.
    code editor

endpoint: "",username: "", password: "LifeMathMoney123"
Fields Description
endpoint link to the LRS
username Admin username
password Admin's password for the LRS

Getting the End-point

your title goes here

The following procedure to get the end points might differ based on the LMS you are using. The example provided here uses SCORM Cloud as the LMS.

Use the following steps to get the endpoint,

  1. Log into SCORM cloud account and navigate to xAPI LRS.

  2. Click LRS Endpoints and copy the SCORM Cloud endpoint.

  3. Paste the LRS endpoint in the code editor adjacent to the endpoint.


SCORM does not support 2-way content sync.

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