Creating a User Action
  • 22 Mar 2022
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Creating a User Action

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Using User Action, you can track how effectively your end-users are using an application feature.

To create a User Action,

  1. Navigate to the application where you want to create User Actions and then launch the Whatfix Editor.

  2. Click User Action.

  3. Select the desired element on the page that you want to track.

  4. Enter a name for the selected action.


Use a name that easily identifies the element you are working with, on the Whatfix Dashboard.

  1. Under Choose from the existing tags, click the Plus icon and type the name of the tag to select from the list.
your title goes here

If the tag does not exist, type in the name of the tag and hit the Enter key to create a new tag.

  1. Under User Action, select the Action completion rule.
your title goes here

Select the option that you want your users to perform on the element. The User Action is marked as complete only when the selected rule is performed. For more information, see What are User Action Completion Rules?

  1. Under Advanced Options, scroll down to the Display Rules section.
your title goes here

Ensure the Advanced Options checkbox is enabled.

  1. Under the Display Rules section, set the desired conditions. See Visibility and Display Rule Conditions for more information on the different conditions that can be used in Display Rules.
your title goes here

For accounts that do not have Smart Context enabled, applying the Display Rule is mandatory.

The rule applied must be URL based (like hostname, path, parameter, or hash) to make sure User Actions that load on the application are specific to the particular page.

  1. Click Add Action.

  2. Click +Action to create more User Actions and then repeat steps 3 to 6.

  3. Once the User Actions are created, click Maximize.

  4. Click Save.

  • Each User Action is added as an individual action and can be accessed on the Whatfix Dashboard.

  • On the User Actions page, use the Filter option to list User Actions based on users, tags or action type.

  • User Actions do not have any visual characteristics and cannot be previewed using the Preview Mode.
  • User Action is available for JS embed, Extension and Export model deployment customers.

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