Customizing Dashboard List View
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Customizing Dashboard List View

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The List View enables you to view more content and detailed information about the content on the Whatfix Dashboard.

For example, the default Grid View displays a maximum of 24 content tiles in one screen whereas List View can display up to 100 content.

Switching to List View

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Click the List View icon at the top-right corner.
  • Once you switch to the List View, it becomes your default view and the view will persist the next time you log in to your Dashboard unless you choose to change it.
  • This is a user-level preference and other users in the organization are not affected.

Customizing the List View

Adding additional information columns

You can add additional columns to view information.

1. Click the Manage Columns icon.
2. Select the columns you want to display using the checkbox.

You can rearrange the columns by hovering your cursor over the column you want to move, click and drag and drop it horizontally in the desired position.

Adding additional content rows

You can view up to 100 contents in the List View.

1. Click the Manage Rows icon.
2. Place a checkmark next to the number of rows you want to view on one screen.

Fit to screen height option lists content based on your desktop or laptop screen size.

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