Customizing Flows
  • 31 May 2022
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Customizing Flows

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Each Flow in Whatfix can have its unique properties—themes, end messages, tip color, font size, etc., different from the account level configurations.

For example, all the Flows in your account can have the Classic theme but one or more Flows of your choice can have the Modern theme applied to it.

Use the following steps to customize a Flow,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard. 


  2. Hover the cursor over the Flow you want to edit, and then click the Edit icon.


  3. Click the Customize button.

  4. Make the necessary changes.


You can change the Flow's Tool tip, End Message, and Flow Automation Pop-up properties.

your title goes here

Changes made here are only applicable to the specific Flow.

  1. Once the changes are made, click Save.

  2. On the Flow edit page, click the Save button.


A Flow can be configured in 3 places, Advanced Customization, Flow level configuration, and Account level configuration. If for any reason it is configured in all three places, Whatfix uses the following precedence:

Advanced Customization > Flow level configuration > Account level configuration

Example: If there is a conflict between Flow level and Account level customization, then the Flow level customization is reflected (as per the precedence).
In the same way, customization that is done using Advanced Customization overrides the customization at the Account and Flow levels.

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