Integrating Salesforce Repository
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Integrating Salesforce Repository

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You can integrate Salesforce with Whatfix to fetch and display articles from your Salesforce repository as contextual links in the Self Help widget.

To integrate a Salesforce repository,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Click Repositories.
  3. Click the Salesforce tile.
  4. Choose whether you want to integrate a sandbox account or a production account and then click Next.
  5. Enter a title and the URL of your Salesforce repository.
your title goes here

The title you provide here is used as the tag name for the default tag attached to all the content fetched.

  1. Click Integrate.
  2. Once the login page loads, enter your Salesforce credentials and then click Log In.
  3. After you have created an Integration request, your Repository is listed under Integrated Applications in processing state.
your title goes here
  • Depending on how big your Repository is, the content sync might take between 24 - 78 hours to complete.
  • Once all the content are indexed, you can access them on the Whatfix Dashboard.
  • The content fetched can be added to the Self Help widget, in the same way as you would add any other Whatfix content.
  • If you have Smart Context enabled, you must add the global-page tag for the content to reflect in the Self Help widget on your application. For more information, see
    Adding tags to Repository Content
  • If you click Cancel or close the integration pop-up, the integration request is saved as draft in the Integrated Applications section.
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