Whatfix Release Notes
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Whatfix Release Notes

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Last updated: 3 March, 2021

New Content Notification

An essential part of the content creation process is informing the end-users about the new content as you create them. Whatfix now enables content creators to notify end-users when they add new content in Self Help. To know more, see New Content Notification

End-user Feedback in Self Help

Whatfix now enables end-users to make suggestions inside the Self help widget itself, making the review process direct. To know more, see End-User feedback.

Show Tip During Auto Step Failure

To ensure the Flow does not break when an automation flow step fails, Whatfix provides a tip to help the end-user manually complete the step. To know more, see Flow Automation.

Ability to Input Options from Editor for Auto-Select

Content creators no longer need to remember the values of a drop-down menu while configuring flow automation. They can choose the values of the drop-down menu while automating a step in the editor itself, instead of having to enter text. To know more, see Flow Automation.

Summary Pop-up during Push to Production

Account Managers now see the summary of all content that will be published when you perform a Push to Production. The Summary Pop-up displays Content, Widget Segment, Global Themes, and Configuration changes. Click each section to view additional details.
This feature is currently available only for the JS embed method of integration. To know more, see How can I see what content is being published when I do a Push to Production?
Summary Popup

Improved Self Help Search

Self Help search has been enhanced with the new matching ability where it shows relevant search results even if the search term is misspelled, mistyped, or is incomplete. To know more, see Understanding Search in Self Help.

Improved Element Selection to Support Auto Execution

While creating content, if the selected element is not suitable for the selected Flow automation, you will get a validation message about the unsuitability. To know more, see Flow Automation.

Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, and Salesforce Survey Integration

Integration Hub now connects with Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, and Salesforce Survey out-of-the-box applications.
Frame 168 (2)

  • Microsoft Azure- Segment Whatfix content for specific users based on Role, Department, Employment type, and other attributes from Azure. For more information and other use cases, see Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration.

  • ServiceNow- Show Flows as slideshows in your ServiceNow application. For more information and use cases, see ServiceNow Integration.

  • Salesforce Survey- Use data from Salesforce Survey to roll out surveys to your users based on multiple conditions. For example, show a survey until the users complete the mandatory security course. For more information and other use cases, see Salesforce Survey Integration.
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