Whatfix User Roles
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Whatfix User Roles

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The first person to create an account in an enterprise automatically becomes the Account Manager (admin).

An Account Manager can invite other users and define the roles they will have from the Users section on the Whatfix Dashboard. The Users section lists all the registered users in the account.


The table below lists the permissions associated with each type of user role.

Content Manager
Account Manager
Translate ContentYesNoYesYes
Create/Edit Whatfix ContentNoYesYesYes
Delete self-created contentNoYesYesYes
Create tagsNoYesYesYes
Edit/Delete self-created tagsNoYesYesYes
Analytics DashboardNoYesYesYes
Preview ModeNoYesYesYes
Edit/Delete other user's contentNoNoYesYes
Edit/Delete other's tagsNoNoYesYes
Export FlowsNoNoYesYes
Export Language filesNoNoYesYes
Access WidgetsNoNoYesYes
Change ThemesNoNoYesYes
Access Advanced CustomisationNoNoYesYes
Add/Invite UsersNoNoNoYes
Assign/Change RolesNoNoNoYes
Delete a userNoNoNoYes
Add LanguagesNoNoNoYes
Knowledge Base IntegrationNoNoNoYes
Push to ProductionNoNoNoYes
Manage ExtensionsNoNoNoYes
App IntegrationsNoNoNoYes
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