Search Feedback in Self Help
  • 01 Dec 2022
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Search Feedback in Self Help

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The Search feedback enables your end users to provide feedback, register their requests and suggestions when they can't find what they are looking for in Self Help.

Though there are other ways of communication like email support, livechat, and ticketing that redirects end user to respective applications, the ability to provide in-app feedback enables users to share their thoughts and feedback in their flow of work.

End user feedback


End user email is by default captured along with the feedback. However, the end user can choose not to share it by disabling the toggle.

The Search feedback helps achieve the following:

  • Provides end users the ability to directly communicate with the content creators.
  • Provides content creators feedback about existing content and also information that's required to create additional content.
  • Reduces support tickets.
  • Improves end user engagement with the Self Help widget.

Enable Search Feedback

To enable this feature on your application, contact [email protected].

Access Search Feedback

You can access the consolidated Search Feedback report in the Self Help Analytics section on the Dashboard.
RB_DB_SH analytics


The feedback is updated on the Dashboard at 0000 hours GMT. For example, if there is a feedback given at 23:59, the feedback is updated on the same day.

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