Flow Analytics
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Flow Analytics

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Flow analytics are gathered from the following sources:

  • Guided Pop-Up - Flow linked to a Guided Pop-Up
  • Self Help- Flow linked in Self Help
  • Live Tour - When the flow source is a JS script embedded in Webpage or added in advanced customization
  • site - See Live option from the Dashboard
  • Task List - When the Flow source is a Task List
  • Slideshow - When Flow source is iframe embed or Html embed in Webpage which is displayed as Slideshow
  • Beacon - When the Flow source is Beacon click
  • URL - When the source of Flow is URL with Flow ID in the query parameter
  • End Message - When the Flow source is End Popup
  • Article - When Flow source is Html embed in Webpage which is displayed as an article

To access Flow analytics,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. In the left panel, click Analytics.
  3. Click Flows.
  • For any of the reports below, you can use the filter to narrow down your reporting to specific criteria.
  • To see how you can filter your reports by domain, see Analytics Filters- Domain.

Flow Analytics displays a wealth of information that can give you insights on how often users are looking at your Flows and where the failure points are.

All Flows

By default, When you open Flow Analytics you land on the All Flows section.

Flow Usage by Day

This section shows you the total number of times Flows were played by date.

Summary Report

The Summary report section gives you a detailed report for each Flow. It covers the following information.

Report name Description
Total times played Number of times the Flow was played.
Completed Number of times the Flow was completed.
Failed Number of times the Flow failed and users could not complete it. For example, Flow is broken, Flow Step does not display.
Exited Number of times users failed to complete the Flow because of their actions. The Exited count is always equal to the sum of Close via tooltip, Navigated away, and Flow transition. i.e., Exited=Close via tooltip+Navigated away+Flow transition
Close via tooltip Number of times users the Close icon 'X' in the tooltip to exit the Flow.
Navigated away Number of times users navigated away. The following actions are considered as Navigated away — Branching to another Flow, closing the browser, browser tab, internet connectivity issues, system shut down, clicking the hyperlinks in the step description and moving to a new page (URL), etc.
Flow transition Number of times users started another Flow directly before completing the current Flow.

This All Flows Summary Report can be downloaded as a CSV file using the Export All Button at the top.


By Flow

Click the By Flow tab to view reports of each Flow in detail.

To begin, select the Flow that you want to analyze.


Flow Usage by Day

The chart displays the number of times that Flow has been used each day.


No. of Times Flow Played

The chart shows the number of times the Flow was run.

Flow Completion Rate

The chart shows how many started the Flow and completed the Flow to the end and those who could not complete it and dropped out in between.

Both charts are interactive. Click each chart to see additional information such as completion rate, most exited steps, etc (by the selected source type).


Most Exited/Failed Steps

This section shows the dropouts at each step of the Flow. If you hover the mouse over each step, the failure can be analyzed into how many times the steps weren't successful, how many times the steps were exited, and the reasons for exit.



For more information on Flow exits, see Understanding Flow exits

Flow History

Flow History section shows who edited the Flow and when.

Flow Feedback

Flow Feedback section shows how many users found the Flow useful against those who didn't find it useful and the users who gave no feedback.


Feedback Responses

This section shows the pre-defined feedback responses recorded for the Flow. Hovering the cursor over each response displays the number of users who have selected those responses.

Flow was helpful chart shows the number of users who chose positive feedback responses and the Flow was not helpful chart shows the number of users who chose negative feedback responses.


Feedback Comments

At the end of the page, Feedback Comments (if any) can be viewed verbatim.


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