Google Sheets Integration
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Google Sheets Integration

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To integrate Whatfix and Google Sheets, email us at


With Google Sheets and Whatfix integration, you can import your support articles from any Knowledge Base application and export Whatfix reports to a Google Sheet.

Use cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using this integration:

  • Import support articles from any Knowledge Base application. This can be useful if your organization is using a custom support site or app.
  • Export Whatfix reports to Google Sheets. For example, export reports such as
    • Most run Flows
    • Most searched terms on Self Help, etc. as Google Sheet.
  • Add end user data in Google Sheets and use it for content segmentation to show content to a specific group of users. This can be helpful if your app has no API to share the data.

How it works



Google Sheets uses OAuth 2.0 for authorizing its REST APIs. Whatfix uses Google Sheet Connector through which users get authorized when calling Google Sheet APIs.

Integration process


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