Inserting a video in a Flow step
  • 04 Nov 2022
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Inserting a video in a Flow step

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You can insert a video in a Flow step either by its URL or the Embedded code.

Use the following steps to insert a video in a Flow,

  1. Log in to the application where you want to create content, and then launch the Whatfix Editor.
    CLM_editor plug in2

  2. Click Flow.

  3. Enter the name of the Flow as you want it displayed to a user.

  4. Click +Step.

  5. Click the desired element on the page that the user needs to select.

  6. Review/Edit the auto-generated action text on the step.


The maximum character limits for the Purpose and Description of the step are 200 characters and 400 characters, respectively. However, you can increase the character limits by contacting [email protected].

  1. Move the cursor to a new line, and then click the Plus icon.

  2. Click the Insert Video icon.
    Select video.png

  3. Enter the URL or the Embedded code of the video.
    Add Url video 1.png

your title goes here
  • All popular video formats inlcuding .mp4, MPEG, MKV, WebM, etc links are supported.
  • If you are inserting a video hosted on the Whatfix Dashboard then only .mp4 video files that are less than 100 MB in size are currently supported.
  1. Click Insert.
    Embedded code.png
  • You can preview how the tooltip appears on the right side of the Whatfix Editor.
    Check the image.png

  • If you have inserted the wrong video in the Flow, you can click it and choose to replace or delete it.
    Edit video from flow.png

  1. Click Add Step to finish creating the step, and then continue creating the Flow.

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