Personalizing Content in Self Help
  • 02 Sep 2022
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Personalizing Content in Self Help

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The Personalization feature is being rolled out in a phased manner.

Personalizing content in Self Help enables you to tailor content for your end user so that they can discover relevant content without having to search for them. This reduces the time spent on searching for specific content and in turn increases the user engagement with your Self Help content. Besides, personalization enables users to find content even if they are not sure about the search phrase that needs to be used.

Here's a GIF on how personalization works in Self Help

How does this work?

Personalization works on the hypothesis that users who use an application in a similar way - need similar kind of help. Whatfix uses the average duration of a user on application pages as the parameter to decide the relevant content, and dynamically creates a group of users similar to each other and based on their content usage histories, such as user's interaction on the page, search scope, and other metadata, decides the content they are most likely to use.

Once Personalization is enabled for an account, Whatfix alters the default content of a Self Help segment based on the user's content usage history. This order cannot be customized or changed by Content Creators.

When Personalization is disabled, the default content of a Self Help segment is organized by the Content Creator.

  • Whatfix does not capture any personal data from your application for personalization.
  • Personalization does not alter the content that Whatfix displays to the end user using Smart Context or tags. It re-orders the segment to display relevant content to the end users at the top of the segment.
  • If Personalization recognizes specific content inside a group that is relevant to the end users, then the content gets displayed both inside the group as well as in the personalized content list.

Accessing Personalization in Self Help


To enable the feature, your account needs to meet the eligibility criteria. For more information, see Requirements for Self Help Personalization.

Use the following steps to access personalization in Self Help,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.

  2. Click Widgets.
    RB_DB_Click widgets(2)

  3. Click the Self Help tile.

  4. Click Configuration.

  5. Cick Personalize.

  6. Enable the Enable personalization toggle.

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  • By default, personalization is enabled for all eligible accounts.

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