Pop-ups Best Practices
  • 29 Jun 2021
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Pop-ups Best Practices

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Use Pop-ups to show important messages

Use Pop-ups to show important messages about your product/feature to your users. For example, you can inform your users about an upcoming downtime and schedule a Pop-up. For more information on scheduling Pop-ups, see Scheduling Pop-ups

popup home

Choose the right template for your Pop-up

When you create a new Pop-up, you don't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can base your new Pop-up on a template. Whatfix enables you to choose from 13 templates. For more information see, Creating Pop-ups.


Use Pop-ups for product/feature tour

Whatfix recommends you to use Pop-ups to provide a guided product/feature tour to users.
Creating Guided product tours

Introduce Self Help and Task List

Whatfix recommends that you use the last steps of your Pop-ups to introduce users to your other Whatfix widgets like Self help and Task list.
Intro self help task list - 1

Translate Pop-ups to multiple languages

If you want to create a Pop-up for your English and German-speaking users. Whatfix recommends that you translate the Pop-ups in the UI so that the Pop-up content is both English and German respectively. You can also route your users to the respective language support page. For more information see, Translating Pop-ups in multiple languages.
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