Previewing Beacons
  • 26 Aug 2022
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Previewing Beacons

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You can preview a Beacon collection either using the See Live option or Preview mode on the Editor before publishing it for your end users. Previewing a Beacon enables you to test and experience the segment exactly like your end users would.

Preview Using See Live option

Use the following steps to preview the Beacons using See Live option,

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, hover your cursor over the Beaon you want to preview and click the See Live icon.

The Beacon opens in your application and you can see how the content appears to your users.


Clicking the See Live button redirects you to the application you have created the Beacon on and displays how the content would appear to the end-user.

Preview Using Preview mode on the Editor

Use the following steps to preview a Beacon Collection by enabling the Preview mode on the Editor,

  1. Navigate to the application on which you want to preview a Beacon, and then launch the Whatfix Editor.
    CLM_editor plug in

  2. On the top right, next to your name, click the dropdown menu, and then enable Preview Mode.

  3. Click Okay and refresh the browser.

your title goes here
  • Ensure that the Smart Tip segment is in active status before you enable the preview mode.
    active segment_WebEditor

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